Brenny’s Birdhouse

Big Damn Blues Jam 2018 ( ) Photo credit:

Bandleader, Joe “Brenny” Brenneman is a nationally known clarinetist, and saxophonist in the Lindy Hop world. He was bitten by the dancing bug in January of 2017, and has been traveling and taking lessons ever since. Brenny’s Birdhouse is the result of these two passions combining- a group of musicians working together to preserve, and explore the roots of blues and swing music. From Ellington to Goodman, Armstrong to Shaw, Brenny’s Birdhouse brings a healthy mix of swing and blues that keeps the dance floor full all night long.

Outside? No problem.
Beginner lesson before we played in Cleveland for Get Hep! ( )
Gem City Swing Dance in Dayton, Ohio ( )